A tale of artists, intrigue, and the magical renaissance

A Pause in the Proceedings

No chapter today I’m afraid, my lovelies, work matters have reared their respective ugly heads and I’m swamped.

To tide you over while you wait, here are some serials you should check out!

Starwalker: Like Star Trek with better characters as told by the ship. Currently on break, but has four full novels’ worth of material (which winds up satisfyingly).

The Blazing Stars: Book 1 known as “Brennus”. Cape fiction at its finest. For the number of people who enjoy Worm, I’m often saddened that this serial doesn’t get enough love.

Luminosity: I honestly hesitate to say anything about this story for fear of scaring people off of one of my favorite works. Essentially, a very good very clever author sat down and tasked herself with writing the answer to a horrifying and challenging question: What if the Twilight Series of vampire romance novels were actually well written with wonderful characters and an amazing story?


One response

  1. passcod

    Starwalker will be a great way to fill up my Twisted Cogs-empty days… at least for an evening or two!

    Brennus is quite good cape fiction indeed, but can sometimes feel too… adult. For people who might want something more YA, there’s Drew Hayes’ Super Powereds.

    Luminosity (and its sequel!) I have always said should be considered Twilight’s new canon. It can be read even by those who know nothing of Twilight beyond the pained anguish and outright disapproval of basically the entire world whenever it is mentioned. In fact, if a loved one is considering reading Twilight to “see what the fuss is all about”, replace their copy with one of Luminosity with extreme prejudice. The world will thank you for sparing it another existential crisis and their cry of despair at the terribleness within.

    Take care in the land of the working, M! We await eagerly.

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    2015-07-02 at 5:25 am

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