A tale of artists, intrigue, and the magical renaissance

Resumption and Recap

Hello all my lovely readers!

A huge thank you to all of the Twisted Cogs fans who have waited it out so long for the story to continue. I’m sure some of you probably wonder why the break has been so long. Those closest to me would probably say it’s some combination of having a baby, leaving my old job, moving across the state, finding a new job, buying a house, doing a month’s worth of work on the house, moving in, and getting sick which has left my writing schedule in shambles. Those very close to me, though, will know the real reason:

For the past several months, I’ve been searching for the perfect font.

I know what most of you are thinking right now, that size 9 Arial has been a perfectly serviceable font to use for Twisted Cogs. I am afraid that I disagree, and the sheer enormity of forcing my readers to miss out on reading a perfectly-fonted Twisted Cogs had been eating away at me for the past two years.

Thank you all so much for your patience as I’ve come to terms with the huge changes in my life (those huge changes being Times New Roman, naturally). Since it has been so long since the last chapter of Twisted Cogs, here’s a brief recap of what’s happened in the fourth and final book of Twisted Cogs:



The Avatar of the Storm, the being responsible for imbuing the Stormtouched with their powers, has moved into the final phase of his plan to save his children, the Echoes, from their world of eternal fog and predators. Using the influence and power of the Twisted, the Avatar of the Storm plans to seat Fulvio, the King’s spymaster, on the throne, so that she may have control over all of Italoza, and eventually, the world. With that control, Fulvio will be able to pull the Echoes into Italoza… and into the bodies of the Stormtouched they are bound to, erasing the Stormtouched from their own minds.

Ever since, Elena has made it her mission to hunt down the Twisted and kill them, ensuring that the Avatar of the Storm has no one to use as his tools for his plans. The aged Twisted “Little One” learns of her plans almost immediately, and offers to kill Midora and allow Elena to leave the city if she will kill Little One last out of of all of the Twisted. After making the deal with Little One and ensuring that Lord Waldren the Wanderer and Midora the Grinning Girl are dead, Elena fled the city of Milia with her closest friends: Frederica, Owl, Belloza, and Emerald.

Although the Twisted soon caught onto Elena’s plan, she has managed to kill Lucrezia the Plain Woman and Marsillo the Armless Man, with the help of the now-disgraced and hunted Eye of the Storm. Her victories have come at great loss, however. The once naive and innocent girl is now haunted by the brutality she has had to commit, her friend Belloza has suffered a life-threatening wound, and there still remain three of the most politically powerful Twisted to deal with; Fulvio the King’s spymaster, able to leap from body to body…Master Coastering, the celebrity Master Artifex…and Little One, a Fabera able to build up her own mind.

The remaining three Twisted have offered Elena a deal and a threat: meet them in the monastery outside of Florenzia in five days to finish their battle without harming civilians, or the Twisted will lay waste to Elena’s hometown, unleash the Guardhouse, kill junior members of the Eye, and murder ‘Ava’, a name Elena doesn’t recognize.

Now we go back in time, where the King’s spymaster Ticone has accepted a life of exile with his wife Porzia (once a Lieutenant in the Stormhearts Rebellion), so that they can raise their two children, Ava and Allvero D’Arcangelo…


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