A tale of artists, intrigue, and the magical renaissance


About Twisted Cogs

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It is the turn of the 16th Century, and the world has entered a golden age of art, invention, and architecture. This renaissance of literature and learning in Europa is suddenly thrown into overdrive when a chosen few “Stormtouched” begin displaying supernatural abilities. Torn between the age’s burgeoning love of science and the dark promises of magic, Europa has become a powder-keg of clockwork and sorcery.

Elena Lucciano doesn’t care about increasing mankind’s knowledge or exploring the mysterious workings of magic. Even though she herself is Stormtouched, Elena doesn’t have high ambitions. All she wants is for her mother to be proud of her, for her teacher to accept her, and to become one of the best artists in all of Italoza, content to ignore all thoughts of science and magic.

Unfortunately for Elena, the tides of invention and magic are sometimes not content to ignore those who ignore them…

About the Author

Malcolm Hemmings is a web developer by day, a sci-fi and fantasy author by night. He began writing for pleasure in late 2013, and sharing his writing in late 2014. He has since completed several small novellas and an online serial.

It is his dream to someday write full time, but in the meantime he enjoys improving his writing by producing short stories and web serials.

If you enjoy Malcolm’s writing and don’t mind mature content, you should check out his mature pen name, Maddison Rose.

You can reach Malcolm at blackllama1@gmail.com, on royalroadl under the username “Maddirose”, or on reddit at /u/InkyBlackLlama (although email is the most reliable method)



2 responses

  1. Anonymous

    I am probably blind, but I just started reading this and have no idea what a Rhetor is. I have seen no mention of why they have a mask and must not speak so far unless I missed it and I would really like to know. What chapter explains this?


    2015-04-26 at 11:53 am

  2. Rhetors are a certain classification of Stormtouched. While they first appear in Chapter 1.2, their powers and history aren’t really explored until later in the story, so if you just started reading don’t worry, chances are you’ve not missed it!

    While we get hints of what exactly they can do throughout the story, it’s not until Chapter 4.7 that we get really concrete examples of just what they are capable of.

    Hope you’re enjoying the story!


    2015-04-26 at 12:03 pm

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