A tale of artists, intrigue, and the magical renaissance

Other Serials

If you’ve enjoyed reading Twisted Cogs, you have excellent taste! As a person of excellent taste, here are some other stories you might enjoy.


Orbital Academy

by MaddiroseX

Halfway between a silver moon and a green tinged planet, five space stations hang in orbit. The men and women who man those orbitals live a life in constant danger, both from the threats of the dangerous planet below, and from each other.

Orbital Academy follows the lives of some of those men and women, their highs and lows, trials and tribulations. It also follows their sex lives.

(Contains frequent scenes of graphic and explicit sex scenes)

The Other Kind of Roommate

by Tartra

The Agents want to kill him: this is a fact that Alex has burned into his mind. Wherever he goes out, whenever he settles down, they’re out there and they’re closing in from every direction. He has to stay safe, so no more drawing attention, no interaction, no friends, no errands, and that’s exactly what he hasn’t been doing for years because Xander is an asshole.

Beth is going to learn firsthand what the Agency needs with her upstairs neighbour(s). In a short stroke, she and Alex turn from strangers into one another’s lifelines. Impossible powers and shadowy groups should have been the worst of it, but thanks to Xander’s backseat driving in the corner of Alex’s brain, they’ve got a bigger problem: Starbucks.

The Gods Are Bastards

by D.D.Webb

Incorporating elements of a Western, a Victorian romance, hints of steampunk and inspiration from the early novels of H. Rider Haggard and Arthur Conan Doyle, all set in a world of classic sword and sorcery, The Gods are Bastards is a genre-blending fantasy epic.

It’s a new world, and the people of the Empire must learn to live in it, or fall to ancient threats they have tried to forget…


by E_Foster

Cages is a fiction blog dedicated to exploring the complex issue of captivity by examining what would happen if humans were the ones forced to perform in arenas and live in tiny enclosures, separated from family and home.

Mage Life

by Tempest

The world of Mage Life is a fragile one, both physically and socially. In the physical landscape, magic has caused a great disaster that affected the land, leaving traces of magical imprints and dangerous creatures. The people themselves have also been affected by magic; society is still reeling from a recent revolution which overthrew the evil and oppressive class of magical nobles. Into this fragile world comes the powder keg that is Tristan Sodden, the youngest Mage ever to pass magical training. Through both his mishaps and triumphs, we are given a wonderful glimpse into a world with a very complex and beautiful magic system.

Raising Angels

by Taulsn

Raising Angels is, at its heart, the story of a girl just trying to get through her first year of college, making friends, attending floor meetings, dealing with college drama. Of course the girl is an Angel with the power to enter dreams, her dorm is Mind Hall just next to the dwarves’ dorm, her floormates are telepathic and her RA can generate fire from her fingertips. What’s the worst that can happen?


by Mahasim, aka M. J. Zajko

In order to protect the people of Jaborre from the dangerous threat posed by the black arts, the government installs watchmirrors on every street corner. The penalty for practicing black magic is death. Amalia di Danti is the daughter of a Judge, and as such believes wholeheartedly that black magic is the most wicked of all evils. When she stumbles upon evidence to the contrary, she is confronted with an uncomfortable question: why was black magic really banned? Her answer to that question thrusts her into the midst of a growing rebellion and civil war.

The Blazing Stars (Brennus)

by Tieshaunn

In a world, where superheroes and -villains have been fighting since the twenties, a world whose present is so very unlike our own, a young gadgeteer, Basil Blake, seeks both the thrills of a hero’s life as well as the chance to do some good.

The world is haunted by an invincible woman out to destroy all she sees; by a hundred-year-old villain who sees all as a mere game, moving all the pieces under his sway for his own amusement; by twisted abominations born of a single man’s spite towards all; by six madmen out to spread their madness; by an overlord who wants to subjugate all and by a great advantage in numbers for the villains.


by Kspam

Goodfae is a story about the mafia. Simple, right? Well, actually not so much. Not once you throw fairies, ghosts, gods and monsters into the mix with mobsters and magic. The world of Goodfae is far from copacetic, much like the life of its protagonist, Alfonso Anastasio; a mafioso and newly made man trying to make ends meet to support his bedridden sister. Just like everyone else in the great city of New York, New York, Al wakes up everyday just so he can go to work nine to five and bring home the bread. Unlike other people, Al’s work involves extortion and violent gang warfare alongside the likes of warlock Marquis Allesandri and his crew of vampires, demigods, and changelings. Hey, some people file tax returns, some people file bullets. With the Allesandri family and their capo backing Alfonso and his sister, is he going to walk the road of gold and roses, or is his life and the lives of everyone around him about to become a lot more complicated?

Stone Burners

by Syphax

The story of a maybe-mutant girl who wakes up in a city with no memories. Realistic superheroes abound!

The Hunting Party

by TreeFrogSoup

A group of teenagers are kidnapped and given superpowers, and plan revenge.  However, not everything is as it seems to be.


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    2014-06-26 at 6:29 pm

  2. I think you have the wrong title for Watchmirror, Mirrorverse is a different series.


    2014-08-21 at 3:12 pm

    • Oh goodness, you’re absolutely right! Thanks much!

      *grumble grumble serials whose URLs and titles don’t match up…*

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  3. Aravis29

    Thanks for making this page! Several of them piqued my interest. Ah, I think this has been here a while, but this is the first time u checked it out xD


    2016-08-06 at 4:29 am

    • Aravis29

      Um… That random ‘u’ is supposed to be an ‘I’…


      2016-08-06 at 4:30 am

    • Glad you checked them out!

      I always love being able to send readers to other spectacular serials!


      2016-08-07 at 11:02 pm

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