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“Support a Webfiction” Event

One of the most common criticisms of Twisted Cogs I get is that the serial doesn’t update often enough. For the next week, you can do something to change that, just by supporting the web fiction content you already know and love!

From now until Friday, July 1st, sign up to support these lesser-Patreonized webfiction authors and you can earn bonus Thursday chapters of Twisted Cogs for the month of July!

  • If 10 new patrons sign up before July 1st, Twisted Cogs will update biweekly in the first week of July
  • If 20 new patrons sign up, Twisted Cogs will update biweekly for the first two weeks of July
  • If 35 new patrons sign up, Twisted Cogs will update biweekly for the first three weeks of July
  • If 50 new patrons sign up, Twisted Cogs will update biweekly all four weeks of July

Whether you can only support your favorite webfiction author or several, whether you can only give one dollar a month or five hundred, every little bit of support is a great way to say “thank you” to the wonderful people creating high-quality, free fiction for everyone!

Support Inky Llama

Author of Twisted Cogs (renaissance/fantasy), Orbital Academy (sci-fi/erotica), Beta Key (supernatural/virtual reality)

Support Marn

Author of Antlers, Colorado (LGBT/horror/supernatural)

Support Dary

Author of Orphic Phantasia (mystopian/faerie tale)

Support Taulsn

Author of Defection (superhero/fantasy/sci-fi), Overwatch (short stories), Raising Angels (fantasy/college), and Reaper (urban fantasy)

Support Chrysalis

Author of Anathema (superhero)

Support Project Solis

Author of Kings & Queens (fantasy)

Support Blaise Corvin

Author of Delvers LLC (medieval fantasy)

Support T4nky

Author of Nowhere Island University (science fantasy/college)

Support Jim Zoetewey

Author of Legion of Nothing (superhero/college)

Support WebFictionGuide

A giant repository of wonderful free web fiction

Be sure to check back on July 3rd to see how many weeks of Twisted Cogs bonus chapters have been earned!