A tale of artists, intrigue, and the magical renaissance

Volumen I


A Student’s Dream

Capitulum I – Adversus Bernardo

1. Rustica {Country Girl}

2. Urbana {City Girl}

3. Loquentes resonat {Speaking to Echoes}

4. Loquentes statuas {Speaking to Statues}

5. Spiritus Studio {Soul of the Studio}

6. Spiritus Immanis {Soul of the Soulless}

7. Et vinum, et stellas {Stars and Wine}

Twisted Smut 1. Loquitur Enim Os Rhetorem {Uses For a Rhetor’s Mouth}

Capitulum II – Historiae Artis

1. Lux Diei {Light of a New Day}

2. Multi Exordia {Many Introductions}

3. Ientaculum {Breaking Fast}

Twisted Smut 2. Et De Sua Sagittari {A Sagittari of Her Own}

4. Tunde, Cultellum, Monitio {A Slap, A Knife, A Warning}

5. Noctem Obrepserit {Night of Surprises}

6. Scit Quid Scit {She Knows What She Knows}

7. Par et Iterum Revertimini {The Pair Get Back Together}

8. Formam et Actum {Form and Function}

Twisted Smut 3. Marmore Morsum Et Fragmens {Marble Bits and Pieces}

Capitulum III – Ultimas

1. Subcinericius Et Acrimonia {Pancakes and Sharpness}

2. Illustratus Familiam {An Enlightened Family}

3. Tranquillum… {The Calm…}

4. Iunctio Garzona {Garzona Connections}

5. Fractis Brachiis et Fiducia {Broken Arms and Trusts}

6. Severiorum, Lienosus, Torto {Cranky, Grumpy, Twisted}

7. Nocte Prandium {Date Night}

Twisted Smut 4. Nocte Noctem Prandium {Date Night’s Night}

8. Telum Eximendum Est, Non Telum {It’s Bolt, Not Arrow}

9. Procella Elena {Elena’s Storm}

Twisted Smut 5. Amet Tabularii {Boring Accountants}

Capitulum IV – Clausula

1. Limax Venenosa {Venomous Slug}

2. …Antequam… {…Before…}

3. Monitis ad Vesperam {Warnings in the Evening}

4. Prandium Cum Gente {Dinner With the Family}

5. Et Ora Magnes {Lodestones and Mouths}

6. Esse Extremum Ut {The Worst That Can Happen}

7. Domenico Fabula {Domenico’s Tale}

Twisted Smut 6. Utitur Enim Corpus Rhetorem {Uses For a Rhetor’s Body}

8. Territi Animalia {Frightened Animal}

9. Unum Plaustrum Tempestatis {A Stormy Cart}

10. Ostendens Dies Vesper {Showing Day Eve}

11. Rideo Puella

Capitulum V – Relicto Bernardo

1. Dies {The Day}

2. De Quatuor Garzoni De Luca {The Four Garzoni of De Luca}

3. Centum Oculus Lacrima Madefactus {A Hundred Tear-Stained Eyes}

4. Addio {Goodbye}

5. Retorta Somniantes {Twisted Dreamings}

6. Somnia et Studios I {Dreams and Studios Pt 1}

Twisted Smut 7. Mollis Ut Lapis {Soft As Stone}

7. Discipula {Student Girl}

An Artist’s Journey

Capitulum I – DaRose Profundum

1. Studio Nova, Novum Populum {New Studio, New People}

2. Secundo Itinere {A Second Tour}

3. Susurros et Tangite {Whispers and Strings}

4. Studio Intrare Malatesta {Enter Studio Malatesta}

5. Niger Atque Turbulentus Nox {A Dark and Stormy Night}

6. Rationibus et Capto {Arguments and Grabber}

Twisted Smut 8. Sagittari Communicare {A Sagittari to Share}

7. Stulta Stulta Puella {A Stupid Stupid Little Girl}

8. Oh Tempestas Meum {Oh Storm of Mine}

Capitulum II – Parvulus

1. Parvulus

2. Parvulus II

3. Parvulus III

4. Parvulus IV

Twisted Smut 9. Mortalis Ludicrum {Mortalis Fun}

Capitulum III – Procella

1. Tempestas Ingruit {The Brewing Storm}

2. Studio Intrare Foscari {Entering Studio Foscari}

3. In Eorum Locum {In Their Place}

4. Venditio et Esus {Selling and Dining}

5. Absquelarva {Without Masks}

6. Prasinus’ae {Emeryl’d}

7. Proditione {Betrayal}

8. Crepitus {Snap}

Capitulum IV – Mea

1. Pannus Anima {Patches of Soul}

Twisted Smut 10. Mortalis Opus {Mortalis Work}

2. Pervigilia Rursus {Waking Anew}

3. Ambustum {Burns}

4. Lux {Daylight}

5. Incuss et Reverentia {Shock and Awe}

6. Lectio prima {Lecture the First}

7. Lectio Cordus {Lecure the Second}

8. Secundo Deseratur Subcinericius {A Second Helping of Pancakes}

9. Tempestate in Horizonte {Storm on the Horizon}

Capitulum V – Ortum DaRose

1. Regimen Trium {The Rule of Three}

2. Navis Plena Auro {Ship Full of Gold}

3. Tortilis {Twisted}

4. Fenestrae Animae {Windows to the Soul}

Twisted Smut 11. Malleus et Faenum {Hammer and Hay}

5. Studio Reditus {A Return to the Studio}

6. Deripio Reges {Tear Down the Kings}

7. Puer Molestia {Boy Troubles}

8. Contritum Elici {Broken Cog}

9. Sub Pluvia {Beneath the Rain}

10. Notis {Friends}

A Master’s Rise

Capitulum I – Miliam Courta

1. Somniantes in torquet {Dreaming in Twists}

2. Pluvia {Rain}

3. Praereptor et Daemonia {Kidnappers and Devils}

4. Princeps {The Prince}

5. Decreto Regali {Royal Decree}

Interlude: Interview with Owl

6. Animos Hac Contione {A Meeting of Minds}

Twisted Smut 12. Principe et Principessa {The Prince and the Princess}

7. Turbidae Habitu {Muddy Dress}

Capitulum II – Miliam Nummi

1. Parte altera nummi {The Other Side of the Coin}

2. Sagittis et Oculos {Arrows and Eyes}

3. Verba Fortior Laminis {Words Stronger Than Blades}

4. Laminis Fortior Scientia {Blades Stronger Than Knowledge}

5. Filo Elici {Threaded Cog}

6. Malleos Elena {Elena’s Hammer}

Capitulum III – Scansio et Ruina

1. Rursum Obdormivit {Asleep Again}

2. Domesticam Vinculum {Familial Ties}

3. Sagitta Profectus Scopum {An Arrow to its Target}

4. Quietus Verba {Quiet Words}

Twisted Smut 13. Lignarius Frederica {Frederica, Woodworker}

5. Seditio {Rebellion}

6. Navis in Nimbosus Aquas {A Ship on Stormy Waters}

7. Artis et Pugna {Art and Combat}

Capitulum IV – Oculus

1. Deinceps Itinere {Forward March}

2. Diligat Amicos et Notos {Friends and Acquaintances}

3. Translucidus Quasi Speculu {Clear As Glass}

4. Quiesco {Downtime}

5. Fissuras {Cracks}

Twisted Smut 14. Bellz and Fiddles {Belloza et Fidibus}

6. Rubrum ad Nigrum {Red to Black}

Capitulum V

1. In Pace {In Peace}

2. Aurum Sanguine {Gold Blood}

3. Nimbosus Mare {Stormy Seas}

4. Iucundum Loquitor {A Pleasant Chat}

5. Disposuerat Contione {Minding a Meeting}

6. Descensus {Descent}

Capitulum VI

1. Octo Studeo {The Eight Studios}

2. Ortus Elici {Rising Cog}

3. Tempestates in Atrium {Storms in the Courtyard}

4. Verba in Tenebris {Words in Darkness}

5. Arbitrium {Choice}

Twisted Smut 15. Mia and the Hanging Man {Mia et Tentorium Hominis}

Capitulum VII

1. Incubant Nimbum {Brooding Stormclouds}

2. Pressura Ortum {Rising Pressure}

3. Vulgaris {Plain}

4. Omnes Regere Vult in Mundo {Everybody Wants to Rule the World}

5. Effectio {Realizations}

6. Tortus Dens {A Twisted Cog}

A Fabera’s Fall

Capitulum I

1. Beatus… {Happy…}

2. Munera {Gifts}

3. Problems {Quaestio}

4. Loquitur Nocte {Discussions in the Night}

5. Extendentes Alas {Spreading Wings}

Capitulum II

1. Tellum et Ferrum {Bolt and Blade}

2. Sera et Campana {Lock and Bell}

3. Optimum Consilium {The Best Laid Plans}

4. Musae et Homines {Mice and Men}

5. Custodia et Tectus {Guard and Guarded}

6. Forte ad Somnum Somniare {To Sleep, Perchance to Dream}

7. Instrumentis Commercia {Tools of the Trade}

8. Dissimulo {Masks}

9. Patet {Plain}

10. Sanguis {Blood}

Capitulum III

1. Tinnio {Clink}

2. Dulcis Sermo {Sweet Talk}

3. Finem Carrum {End of the Cart}

Twisted Smut 16. Tenet Noctis {Darkest Night}

Twisted Smut 16.2. Tenet Noctis Duo {Darkest Night Two}

4. Somniculosus {Dreamy}

5. Omnia Siminis Clavia {Everything Looks Like a Nail}

6. Ninotabilis {Unmemorable}

7. Vectigal et Exitus {The Toll for Leaving}

Capitulum IV

1. Penuria {Lacking}

2. Remoras {Interruptions}

3. Esecutio {Operations}

4. In Flumine {Into the Stream}

5. Sursum et Deorsum {Up and Down}

6. Inter Portas {Between the Gates}

7. Nequit Immobilis {Unstoppable, Unmovable}

8. Parva Unda {Small Waves}

9. Patet Senes {Clear Head}

Capitulum V

1. Nubes Mundo {World of Clouds}

2. Lux in Caliginem {Light in Fog}

3. Praeterita {Times Gone By}

4. In Somnis Illi Gloriam {Dreams of Former Glory}

5. Gloria Sine Volatus {Flightless Butterfly}

6. Cadit et Flammae {Falls and Flames}

7. Tunc Usque Nunc {From Then to Now}

Capitulum VI

1. Obcasus {Sunset}

2. Contione {A Meeting}

3. Medium Mundi {Half-World}

4. Vivat Rex {Long Live the King}

5. Portam Tempestas {Gate of the Storm}

6. Elena

7. Epilogus {Epilogue}

11 responses

  1. CaptainPedantic

    It is 01:16 cst where is my medecine?! You promised that I would get it today!


    2014-07-31 at 1:18 am

    • Oh no my poor CaptainPedantic!

      I did, I did promise, but then I broke my promise yet again :/ Insane work hours ran even longer than I’d expected, so I had to extend the break by one more update! I updated the ‘News’ bit of the site, but I probably should’ve put something up here as well, sorry about that!

      But now I’m back, with a lovely smutty interlude and the regularly-scheduled updates resumed! Huzzah!


      2014-08-04 at 12:37 am

  2. fyi. you spelled volume wrong. or im hallucinating.


    2015-04-02 at 11:20 pm

    • Nope, not hallucinating at all (she said to the talking cactus)! “Liber”, “Volumen”, and “Capitula”, are simply words in the pseudo-latin spoken by the characters in Twisted Cogs!


      2015-04-05 at 10:24 pm

  3. Anonymous

    On my browser (android Chrome), for some reason the Table of Contents text for Book 1 Chapters 3-5 is much bigger than all the other text on the page. Don’t know if that’s intentional..


    2015-04-14 at 9:01 pm

    • ’twas completely unintentional, thanks very much for pointing it out! My poor mobile readers, I’m so bad at double-checking how the site looks on a phone :/


      2015-04-14 at 9:07 pm

      • Rama

        Everything after V.4 does the same thing for me, sorry to bother! Keep up the fantastic work.


        2015-05-04 at 1:58 pm

        • Quite the opposite of a bother, thanks for the catch! It should be fixed now :)


          2015-05-05 at 10:11 am

  4. Mike

    Now this is some true-blue grade-A reading material. Don’t let the lack of votes get to you… the effort you put in, the originality of your story, I am truly impressed. Keep up the good work and you’ll get what you deserve.

    A fan


    2016-07-10 at 11:29 am

    • Thank you very much! I try not to pay attention to votes anymore. At one point I think I hit #3 on TopWebFiction, but at a certain point in the series I decided it was better to simply write because I liked the story I was writing, and not let myself get too stressed out over stuff like that.

      I’m glad you’re enjoying!


      2016-07-11 at 12:44 am

  5. Only on book one still but I’ve got to say I love your magic system. It’s really interesting and there appears to be a bunch of stuff that hasn’t been explored from where I am in the story. I’m a huge magic system nerd and this one seems interesting, unique and fairly well balanced. So good job on that.


    2016-09-15 at 6:17 pm

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