A tale of artists, intrigue, and the magical renaissance

Twisted Smut 3 – Marmore Morsum Et Fragmens {Marble Bits and Pieces}

Lady Rachel Malatesta held the chisel against the man’s cheek, drawing it carefully back and forth and trying to gauge where best to strike. Each stroke of the chisel was a process, requiring thought, deliberation, and above all patience. It was not the sort of process that lent itself well to being watched by a room full of students. The combined gazes of her watching garzoni felt like breath on her neck, like someone reading over her shoulder. It was intrusive and stressful, especially for this moment, the final strike, a moment that she had come to think of as intensely personal and intimate.

Ah well, in the end it doesn’t matter. She thought, as her chisel slipped into just the right spot, although she couldn’t have told anyone how she knew it was right.

“You’ve got it.” Rach murmured, quiet enough that the assembled garzoni and their Echos couldn’t hear him. Rachel had been one of the masters of Milia for almost a decade now, and she still appreciated Rach’s quiet and steady voice to reassure her, especially for this final blow.

The statue in front of her, nearly complete, was of a young man in the prime of his life. His face was youthful and energetic, his muscles literally chiseled but attractive all the same. A loose tunic tied around his waist made him decent for the garzoni, but being his creator meant Rachel didn’t have to imagine what was beneath it.

Rachel shook her head to remove the lewd thought and focused on the hammer in her hand. She gently struck the chisel once, chiping a large flake of marble from the cheek of the statue, then took a step back. Even now, after so many of her creations, Rachel held her breath in those few moments. The quiet buzzing in her temples and just beneath her eyes were a good sign, but Rachel didn’t let out her breath until the marble man blinked.

A gentle round of applause burst behind her, but she raised a hand to silence it. Her new marble man looked around him, then stretched, his muscles moving lifelike beneath his stone skin. She gave him a few minutes to adjust before she addressed him, carefully.

“Hello there. Do you know where you are? Do you know what your name is?”

“Galeazzo. My name is Galeazzo. And yes, I know where I am Mistress Malatesta.”

How excellent. Rachel quite liked Galeazzo’s voice; young and rich, just like his face. She hid the delighted smile on her face when she turned to address her garzoni. One of the downsides of being among the younger Masters in Milia was that one had to be serious at all times if one wanted to be feared. When she turned her face was the picture of gravity.

“It’s an important step to keep in mind, especially for my Caeletor garzoni. Just because your creation can move, it doesn’t always mean your work has turned out perfectly. Sometimes a creation can even speak and still be fundamentally broken.”

“You…you don’t mean me, do you Lady Malatesta?” Galeazzo asked hesitantly. “I’m not broken, am I?”

“No, most assuredly not.” Rachel turned to give Galeazzo a reassuring smile. “You are quite well crafted if I do say so myself. Alfonso, will you show Galeazzo around the studio? Let him know his duties, where to find supplies, that sort of thing.”

“Yes Mistress Malatesta.” Rachel gave her marble manservant an affectionate smile as he bowed at the waist, the perfect combination of respect and self assurance.

“Master Malatesta?” One of her Caeletor raised a hand timidly. “What would have happened if Galeazzo had been malformed? Would you have just sold him, or destroyed him and thrown him away? It seems like such a shame to waste all that time and effort.”

Rachel frowned. That was quite a dangerous path for her young charge’s mind to be taking, to think of the marble creations as subject to the whims of the Caeletor who created them. That sort of thinking was what led to Stormtouched who believed they were gods.

“Flora, you’re a Caeletor, aren’t you?” Rachel felt bad that she needed to ask, but there were just so many garzoni that it was sometimes hard to keep track.

“No Master, just a sculptor Master.” Flora ducked her head in embarrassment, but Rachel breathed a sigh of relief. That was less worrisome.

“No ‘just’ about it Flora, you are as valuable as a sculptor as you would have been a Caeletor. But a sculptor, whether touched by the Storm or not, has a responsibility for the things they create. If you carve a statue that doesn’t turn out perfectly, I would be disappointed indeed to see you simply throw it away. I expect all of my garzoni, Touched and Mortalis, to learn from their mistakes, not to run from them.”

“So what do you do with your mistakes, Master Malatesta?” Flora asked. Despite her habit of striving for gravity, Rachel Malatesta smiled.

“I don’t know Flora. I suppose I’ll have to think of that the first time I make one.”



It was just a touch chilly outside, with the hot sun having set and the autumn breeze continuing to blow, but Rachel would continue her evening walks until winter had killed the plants. Her private garden was very small, so small that the walk consisted of just a few minutes, but it was full to bursting with trees and flowers and bushes, a small haven of her home countryside in the midst of the urban bustle of Milia. A book of prose under one arm, Rachel took her time, pausing to admire certain blooms, running a delicate finger across a petal here and there.

“What a day.” She murmured. “Enough to give me a headache. But we’ve gotten so much done!”

“Your garzoni loved your little display this morning.” Rach said. “I guarantee that none of them have seen a Caeletor’s final stroke before. They absolutely adore you.”

“I thought it might amuse them, yes. I’m more pleased that Galeazzo turned out well.”

“Were you worried about that? I wouldn’t have guessed from your boasting.”

“What’s the use of garzoni if you can’t boast and impress them a little?” Rachel smiled. “I was worried, yes. One of these days…one day I’ll make a mistake. I have to ask myself how much that day will affect my reputation.”

“Galeazzo is perfect. Don’t concern yourself with some future creation who is not.”

“He is perfect.” Rachel said happily. “I’ve been watching him all day, talking to him here and there. He follows Alfonso around, he seems to like me, and he’s taking to his tasks effortlessly. We’ve really outdone ourselves this time.”

“He’s taking to all of his tasks?” Rachel heard the smile in her Echo’s voice, and she blushed a tiny bit. They rounded a corner of the garden, and found Alfonso on his hands and knees, showing Galeazzo the roots of one of her rose bushes.

“I suppose that remains to be seen.” Rachel said quietly, raising an eyebrow.

“I’ll turn in for the night then. We’ll begin a new sculpture tomorrow?”

“Goodnight Rach. Thank you for your help tonight.”

Rach walked back towards the studio as Rachel settled onto the wooden chair that stood in the corner of the garden, opening her book and crossing her legs. Alfonso noticed her for the first time then.

“Good evening Mistress Malatesta.” He said respectfully, leaning back on his heels. “I was just telling Galeazzo here about the rosebushes. I’ve been a little worried about them lately, what with this cold we’ve been having.”

“I wouldn’t blame you if the roses are hurt by the cold Alfonso.” Rachel laughed. “You hardly control the weather.”

“All the same mistress, I’d feel badly if there were something I could’ve done and you ended up losing a rosebush. Your gardens are my responsibility, so I take care of them.”

“And you take care of the kitchens, and take care of keeping the garzoni in line, and take care of my correspondence…honestly Alfonso, I couldn’t imagine what I’d do without you.” Rachel left the other thing he took care of hanging unsaid in the air. “I hope you realize that I understand how blessed I am to have you.”

“It’ll all be much easier now that Galeazzo is around to help out Mistress Malatesta.” Alfonso stood and brushed the dirt off of his marble knees. The Storm that animated him also gave his skin just a little more give and softness, so the act didn’t cause any grinding.

“Give me another ten months or so, and I might be able to give you a second assistant. Pietro was my last debt, so from here on out all of my creations will be a part of our household.”

“I look forward to it Mistress.”

Rachel returned to her book, a smile playing about her lips. Her heart was already racing, but she steadfastly continued on with her reading. The production, acting as if she planned to read all night, was important to her. After the hectic and chaotic days that came along with being the Master of a studio, the evenings were hers, and she would enjoy this one in the way that pleased her best.

She felt the prickle of being watched, and looked up to find Alfonso still standing in front of the rosebush, staring at her with an intense look.

“Was there something else you needed, Alfonso?” She asked innocently, holding a finger between the pages of her book.

“I’ve just been doing some thinking lately, while walking Galeazzo through our duties. There’s a lot that he and I do to help out around the studio. Seems a little unfair, doesn’t it? That we do all this without anything in return?”

Oooh, this is a new one! Rachel slipped a bookmark in place of her finger, settling her face into a frown. Although that’s a good point…I’ll have to ask him later if he really meant that…

“Alfonso you’ve never mentioned this before. What brings this up now?”

“Well, I’ve just got to thinking.” Alfonso glanced back at Galeazzo, who was also watching her with a piercing gaze. “Maybe now that there are two of us, maybe it’ll be a little easier to get something in return for all of that hard work.”

“I…I don’t know why you would need two people for that.” Rachel stammered. Alfonso’s gaze was sending tingles across her shoulders. “I’d be quite happy to give you whatever you want as payment.”

“I’m glad to hear that.” Alfonso said with a smirk. He took a step closer, and the action combined with the smirk made Rachel shiver.

“What…what is it that you want as payment?” She asked. In answer Alfonso took another step towards her. Rachel rose to her feet, but he remained motionless a few feet away, unconcerned. “I have…I have gold of course.” Her voice was coming out in breathless rushes.

“We don’t want gold.” Alfonso’s gaze was travelling up and down her body now, unabashedly, pausing hungrily here and there, on her hips, on the subtle cleavage her dress exposed, on the strands of brown hair that hung across her face.

“I’ve…I’ve got jewels.”

“We don’t want jewels either.” Alfonso remained where he had been standing, but Galeazzo had walked around her, was standing behind her and blocking her way back inside.

Oh I like this scenario…it’s so much better with two of them. Rachel shivered with delight, an action she turned into a shudder of fear. She glanced around her, trying to slip into the mindset of being prey. The garden was quiet, secluded. High walls ringed it in, and no windows looked out on it from the studio. I’m trapped in here…there’s no escape.

“What do you want then?” Rachel whispered. She continued to back away from Alfonso, but backed into the immovable chest of Galeazzo instead, who grabbed her, holding her arms tight in an unbreakable grip. Alfonso approached slowly, and Rachel struggled against the hands of stone, but to no avail. When he was just a few feet away from her Alfonso stopped, his hungry eyes consuming the sight of her helpless struggling.

“I think we’ll be taking you as our payment.” He said quietly. Rachel’s legs shook at his deep voice, at the steel in it. “Taking you in every sense of the word, in every way we please. And when we’re done using your body as our toy, we’ll leave you in a pile on the ground, surrounded by your beautiful flowers.”

“Oh god Alfonso-” Rachel’s voice caught in her throat. There was nothing she could do to stop him, nothing she could do to keep him from having his way with her. The thought was making her body respond, and she poured that response into her acting. “Alfonso why? Why would you do this to me-”

“I can think of better uses for your mouth than pleading.” Alfonso said to Galeazzo, cutting her off.

“Kneel, Mistress Malatesta.” Galeazzo said from behind her.

“Galeazzo…” Alfonso sighed. “We are using her in whatever way we please. I hardly think her full title is appropriate here.”

“Oh. Right. Well then…” Galeazzo leaned in so close that she could feel his marble lips brushing against her ear. “Get on your knees, whore.”

The crude words spoken in his rich young voice made Rachel’s knees so weak that she might’ve fallen to her knees even if he hadn’t shoved her down.

Galeazzo learns quickly. It was easier to keep the smile off of her face with the pain in her knees, despite they way the pain lit a fire in her stomach. It was easier to feel the faintest touch of real fear, fear that sent her blood rushing faster than any lover’s touch. Alfonso towered above her, his shirt removed, slowly untying the drawstring to his pants. He was making sure she knew that in that moment he owned her, and every movement he made seemed to drive that point home.

His pants slipped off of his hips like a curtain to reveal the work of art beneath. The muscles that rippled beneath his stone skin, the strong abs, and his long cockshaft that stood ramrod stiff. Rachel whimpered at the sight of it, knowing what was coming, longing for it even as she let the helplessness of the scenario wash over her.

“This will go easier for you if you don’t fight. Every part of me is made of unyielding stone.” Alfonso’s strong hands snaked through her hair, grabbing a handful to hold her head still. “I would hate to see you resist and have your beautiful face damaged.”

“Please.” Rachel breathed, trying to push her head back against the stone grip that held her. It was no use, and when Alfonso pulled her head closer she had no choice but to close her eyes and take him in her mouth.

His shaft was smooth marble, tasting of stone, but she could feel the delicate lines of the veins with her tongue. She swirled it carefully, very aware of the fact that it pulsed and twitched like a real man’s member. Alfonso was cautious as he pulled her head back and forth to make her suck him, but the fact remained that he held her fast, and she couldn’t have resisted him if she tried.

Galeazzo is watching. She remembered with a start. He’s watching and enjoying the sight of me on my knees. He’s enjoying Alfonso forcing himself into my mouth. When she tried to turn to catch sight of him, Alfonso jerked her head back.

“Focus on sucking, it’s what you’re good for.” He said roughly, and despite the act Rachel moaned. Even through her underclothes she could feel how wet she was, the heat between her legs almost unbearable. When Alfonso slowly pulled out of her mouth she whimpered, although she wasn’t sure whether it was in character of out of frustration.

“I’m not the only one using your body tonight.” Alfonso reached down and pulled her roughly to her feet, holding her fast when she almost fell over on him. Meanwhile Galeazzo was touching her, his hands nimble for how strong and unmovable they were. His body was pressed to her, his arms reaching around to grasp her.

“She’s so soft.” He breathed, his hands slipping across her stomach, first up to cup her small breasts, then over her hips, then unbuttoned the clasp on the flowing skirt she wore.

“Leave her clothes.” Alfonso instructed. “There’s plenty of leeway to take we want with her clothes still on.”

“Take what you want?” Rachel shivered. “What does that mean? What…what are you going to do to me?”

Galeazzo’s cool hands were beneath her skirt now, gently rubbing across her bare skin and traveling higher and higher up her legs. The anticipation was almost as bad as the sensation of smooth stone. It brushed on the skin behind her knees, up her inner thighs. The trail of fingers became slicker as he ran them across her underclothes soaked with her juices. After what felt like hours he finally hooked his fingers beneath the hem and pulled them down, lifting her skirt up in the process.

“Stop, stop this at once.” Rachel ordered weakly, her heart pounded in her breast. The cool autumn breeze that brushed across her exposed sex only seemed to make the area hotter, and she was so wet she thought she could feel herself dripping onto the path below. Galeazzo’s cock pressed between her legs, its cold length pressing against her mound but not yet pressing at the opening where she wanted it the most. Her arms were draped around Alfonso’s shoulders, and she didn’t even attempt to hold herself up.

“Perhaps we’ll stop.” Alfonso said thoughtfully, and she could feel the rumble in his chest as he spoke. She whimpered and lifted her head to look into his eyes, only marginally reassured by the expression of lust he wore. “Perhaps we’ll stop if you beg. Beg us, little slut, and if you beg prettily enough maybe you can avoid your payment this time.”

Oh my. Rachel’s heart fluttered, her face flush with love of her amazing, wonderful, creative Alfonso.

“P…please.” She said weakly.

“What was that slut? I couldn’t quite hear you.”

“Please don’t do this. Please don’t take my virtue like this, please don’t ravish me.” For three terrible heartbeats Rachel thought Alfonso would be cruel enough to actually stop, but he finally shook his head.

“No. Not good enough. Galeazzo.” Alfonso ordered, and Rachel had no time to prepare herself before Galeazzo slammed the entire length of his shaft into her, spearing her from behind. It was so much, so sudden, so big and so solid that Rachel could do nothing but gasp and cling to Alfonso. It was so different from the measured technique and rhythm she was used to that Rachel was caught off guard. There was no subtlety to this, only the raw and fierce thrusting of a man who wanted her so much he couldn’t restrain himself.

It was exactly what she had been craving, and she was wet enough that his large member pounded into her without resistance. Whenever she thought he couldn’t possibly be rougher, he drove into her harder, slamming her up against Alfonso who held her. Alfonso murmured in her ear, murmuring such delightful, crude, dirty little things, but she could barely hear him over the pleasure building in her mind and heart and body. Galeazzo’s girth was almost assuredly going to bruise her, and she would probably be more sore tomorrow than she had ever been before, but right now it was like he was touching an itch she had never been able to scratch, slamming her deeper than she had ever felt before.

She came hard, holding Alfonso so tightly that she almost lifted off the ground, and all through her orgasm Galeazzo continued reaming her, drawing himself out of her aching sex and then slamming back in so deep that she could almost feel it in her belly. Tomorrow it would hurt, oh it would most definitely hurt, but tonight she wanted him to stretch her and impale her as deep as he wanted to take her.

Galeazzo slipped out of her with a wet sound, grunting in satisfaction. Rachel tried to stand on wobbly legs, but Alfonso was still holding her fast. She looked up at him in confusion, and the look on his face made her aching sex twitch again.

“I don’t feel fully repaid.” He said.

“It was good, but I feel I could be better compensated as well.” Galeazzo said from behind her.

“What are you talking about?” After her orgasm Rachel so tired that the weakness in her voice didn’t even have to be faked. “I’ve given you everything I have to give…”

“Not quite everything.” Galeazzo’s finger probed the opening he had just finished with, and despite herself Rachel moaned. His finger slid upwards, until it probed at her other hole.

“There?” Rachel gasped and twisted around to look at Galeazzo, her reaction this time completely genuine. “But no one’s ever…I’ve never let anyone…” She stammered.

“Who said anything about letting me? I’m going to take what I want, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Alfonso will even hold you down while I do it.”

Rachel searched the marble face, and Alfonso and Galeazzo waited a few long minutes, enough time for her to say any particular phrase she wanted. She finally came to a decision.

“Please not there, anything but that.” She pleaded, and Galeazzo’s face broke into a grin. His strong arms grabbed her from behind, and Alfonso grabbed her legs and lifted until both men held her off the ground. No matter how she struggled she couldn’t escape their grip, and Alfonso deftly maneuvered until his marble cock pressed against her wet and aching slit.

When Alfonso slid inside her, Rachel leaned her head back and moaned. Alfonso, her Alfonso, pushed into her gently, subtly, not as eager or fast as Galeazzo, but moving with a rhythm that hit all the right spots at all the right times. Sensitive and sore after the pounding she had received, the walls of her sex responded to his expert touch. His thrusting seemed to light a fire in her faster than usual, and the strong men on either side of her made her feel far safer than she pretended.

Galeazzo’s cock was still wet with her juices, and when she felt it probing at her other hole she caught her breath for what was to come.

“No, stop please stop.” She begged, and grabbed onto a pair of stone arms to brace herself. Galeazzo penetrated her smoothly and slowly, in a single thrust just as Alfonso pulled away from her. It hurt, although nowhere as much as she expected, but the pain sent shockwaves through her like miniature explosions of pleasure.

Rachel bit her lip hard to keep from screaming with pain and pleasure. She thought she had known what it was like to be full, to have her body feel stretched to capacity, but nothing had prepared her for this. Alfonso’s movements stirred his member inside her body, and Galeazzo’s taboo thrusting at the same time left her unable to pretend, unable to talk, unable to do anything but give her body over to her men’s passion.

The rolling pace they set left her unable to catch her breath, pleasure building in every direction. Galeazzo inside her seemed to just heighten the pleasure Alfonso gave her, and Alfonso’s careful motions only made Galeazzo’s thrusts feel more direct and hungry. She could feel them twitch and pulse in either hole, and they must’ve been able to feel her just as clearly, because when she started to breath hard they increased their pace, slamming her body back and forth between them. Rachel moaned with every breath, as they first impaled her onto Alfonso’s measured member, then shoved her back to take Galeazzo’s entire length into her.

Rachel could never remember having an orgasm so explosive. It felt as if someone had taken her body by her throbbing snatch and was shaking her like a rag doll, her sex was on fire and it was also satisfied, and she was full, full, full of her lovers. She never wanted to let go, never wanted to come down, and most of all she never wanted them to stop pounding her.

When she finally came down from the high of her earth-shattering orgasm, Rachel slumped back into Galeazzo’s arms. They were still thrusting inside her, and her body had finally stopped responding positively to their attentions.

“Oh god…okay, ow, stop now.” She murmured. “Quarry! Quarry!” As soon as she spoke the words Alfonso slid from her, shifting his grip on her to carefully lift her away from Galeazzo. Rachel was sometimes disappointed that their marble bodies didn’t have the ability to produce seed, but it made for much easier cleanup after nights like these.

They spent a few minutes arranging her skirt and rumpled clothes until she was decent, still held in Alfonso’s arms, then they made their way into the studio, Galeazzo running back to retrieve her book. The studio was dark, and they didn’t encounter any Garzoni on their way to her quarters, but if they had it would simply look as if she had fallen asleep outside and was carried back (something that actually did happen from time to time).

“You seem quite worn out, Mistress Malatesta.” Galeazzo said quietly as Alfonso set her down in her bed.

“Quite worn out.” Rachel said happily, struggling to keep her eyes open. “Quite pleasantly worn out indeed; if I can walk tomorrow I’ll be lucky. That was quite a punishment you gave.”

“I’m sorry Mistress Malatesta, I’ll try to be more gentle next time.” Galeazzo smiled.

“Mmm don’t.” Rachel grinned back. Alfonso slid a thin sheet over her, and she nestled down into the pillows. “Alfonso…you didn’t really mean any of that, did you? If you need some sort of payment for the work you do, you know I’d be happy to give it to you.”

“Mistress, you know I wouldn’t accept payment. You have already done more than enough for me. It was only for the play.”

“But you do so much for the studio, so much for me. If you ever feel-”

“Mistress.” Alfonso interrupted with a look of affectionate mock-severity. “Say one more word on the subject and I shall smack you.”

“Well I wouldn’t want that.” Rachel closed her eyes with a small giggle. “I’ve come to learn that marble body parts pack quite the punch.”



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  1. CaptainPedantic

    Omigod, your writing of smut surpasses anything else that I have read, thank you!


    2014-08-25 at 1:25 am

    • Thanks so much! It means a lot that you’re still enjoying it and that I haven’t lost my touch :)


      2014-08-25 at 6:20 pm

  2. zeuseus

    Good to see you’ve still got it Maddi. Got it in stereo…


    2014-08-25 at 7:03 am

    • You think stereo is good, just wait until you see it in surround sound ;)


      2014-08-25 at 6:19 pm

  3. fionag11

    Good one!


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